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I love stories! Whether it's a film, music, book, poetry, or any type of media that tells stories. It became more interesting when I came to know my biggest strength is a "Story". Confused?

One fine evening when I was introspecting myself with passion and strength, I found everything surround or emerge itself in the stories. I can make anyone understand any complex things, maybe it's studies, life or on anything with the stories that I create around the main concepts.

When I started to write blog posts for myself, people’s admiration left me a strong inspiration to go further. When I started to write for Brands, I came across the concept of brand storytelling, and it blew my mind. How everything around a company revolves around its brand story, how compelling stories can make anyone drive to your brand like crazy.


This strength of mine, attracting people, submerging them into your stories, is what makes me strive to move forward to help companies to grow with their brand storytelling, this is who I am. This is what BrandStell.

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I help E-Commerce companies to narrate their Brand story and get more online sale

Stories have the power to create strong emotional connections with anyone who shares the same values as you.

Like every human being is unique in their way, so do the companies. Companies may have the same products, the same sectors, same buyer personas, but their brand stories make all the difference. It's not only the story but the way you leverage it into every aspect of marketing to reach your potential customer.

Some companies never get the chance to reach their true potential; it involves a lot of factors, but none more important than not telling the right stories or failing to tell any stories at all.

I love stories, and I want your stories to be spread as much as possible, making new friends along the way, not just followers, but a real community, and ultimately a loyal customer. Whatever may be the story but to make it compelling, attractive and spreading it the best digital way is my determination to move forward in life, so that your story never goes unheard.

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